How much is it?
The tour costs 13500 HUF per person or 35 EUR per person.
What' about seating arrangements?
The captain is entitled to modify the seating due to safety reasons.
Can I use the service if I am pregnant?
Unfortunately if you are pregnant we do not recommend that you ride on the jet boat.
Is there a minimum age for children?
There is no minimum age, but there is minimum height 150 cm. Child under 16, may only travel on the watercraft with an adult companion, on the liability of the adult companion but we recommend our ride for adults!
How should I dress?
We provide splash coat and trousers but REDJET is a high-speed water ride, so you will more than likely get wet. Dress to get wet! There are no dress code restrictions but we encourage you to be comfortable. You will be required to wear a life vest. You will be in the sun. This information will help you make the best wardrobe choice.
Do I need to arrive early?
Yes, you must! You are required to check-in no later than 20 minutes before your tour time. Please read the terms and conditions for participation and for more information.
Can I pay with SZÉP card? (hungarian cafeteria)
Yes, You can pay with OTP Szép Card on the spot! Advance reservation is required on e-mail.
How can I use my gift card?
This gift certificate entitles you to a 30-minute extreme boat ride aboard the REDJET speedboat! Advance reservation is required on our website at www.redjet.hu!
For reservation please choose an appointment and seat(s) in our calendar. Finalize the reservation with your Gift Code(s).
If You have any question, please contact us at info@redjet.hu.
How to get the photos?
You will receive an email from us with a link to our webpage where the pictures of Your ride will be uploaded in 72 hours.
If You do not receive the email in 72 hours, please contact us at info@redjet.hu.
Where do we depart from?
We are located in Kopaszi gat -Budapart Dock. At the Kopaszi gat entrance please turn left for our dock.
How can I buy gift cards?
Please click to "BUY A GIFT CODE!"-link via website (www.redjet.hu). The voucher redeemable for one year after issue date. After payment, we will send a voucher with gift code(s). Advance reservation is required on our website at www.redjet.hu
What does a 30 minute tour contain?
The 30 minute ride contains the boarding, some main informations about the ride, the ride itself and the docking too.
Will I able to smoke, eat or drink or chewing a gum on the ride?
Sorry, but there is no smoking, eating or drinking allowed on the REDJET.
What about my valuables?
We at REDJET care about the safety of our items, we have storage facilities to ensure that you enjoy your time with us!
How to get to Kopaszi gat?
With public transport by tram, boat or bus. Check Your plan here:
What's about missing photo?
If we have a techical problem with the Goporo camera, we can not pay money back because of the missing photos. Photos are gift.